Benefits for Teachers

With Deltalearn, teachers can:

  • Use it as a digital aid effective teaching in the class
  • Conduct quick tests
  • Significantly reduces revision effort before exams
  • Generate question papers and save time


How to use deltalearn in my class?
  • The class needs a laptop, projector, internet and speakers
  • Teacher login to deltalearn with access detailed provided
  • Dashboard lists the chapters assigned to the teacher (rearrange as required)
  • A chapter has multiple topics and each topic has video(s)
  • Click on videos (of length 5-9mins), let students watch
  • Pause / restart anytime as required
  • Clarify queries and move on to next video and/or topic
How does deltalearn help me make student understand?
Is it only the text book content that’s present in videos?
How about experiments?
Is there a test in deltalearn platform?
Can I take repeat tests?
How do use these tests for evaluation?
How does it help me as a teacher?
How does it help me professionally?

A revolution in learning.

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