Benefits for Students

With Deltalearn, students can:

  • PLAN day-wise, topic-wise study and track progress
  • Watch simple and illustrative VIDEOS, that help understand concepts easily
  • VISUALS help memorize for longer time
  • PLAY intelligent games, yet learn while you play
  • Robust TEST module help self-assess, practice and prepare for exams
  • ASK EXPERT when in doubt


How to use deltalearn for my learning?
  • Purchase subjects/chapters online in deltalearn
  • Login to deltalearn
  • View the subjects/chapters you have purchased (rearrange as required)
  • Each chapter has multiple topics and set of videos for each topic
  • Click on topics, watch videos (of length 5-9mins)
  • Pause / restart anytime as required
How does deltalearn help me understand?
Is it only the text book content that’s present in videos?
How about experiments?
Can I see which video is complete?
Is there a test in deltalearn platform?
Can I take repeat tests?
How do I evaluate myself?

A revolution in learning.

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