9th Science (State - Kar)

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Matter in our surroundings

Characteristic of Matter

States of Matter

Change of State In Matter


Is matter around us pure?

What is a Mixture?

What is a Solution?

Separating components of Mixture

Physical and Chemical changes

Types of Pure Substances

Atoms and Molecules

Laws of chemical combination

What is an atom?

What is a molecule?

Writing chemical formulae

Molecular Mass and Mole concept

Structure of atom

Structure of atom

Atomic structure and models

Bhor's model


Electronic configuration

Isotopes and Isobars

Fundamental Unit of Life

What are Living Organisms made up of?

Animal cell - Eukaryote

Comparision of cells


Introduction to Tissues

Plant tissue

Animal tissue

Diversity in living organisms

Hierarchy of classification

Plant Kingdom

Animal Kingdom



Introduction to motion

Describe Motion

Measuring rate of motion

Rate of Change of Velocity

Equations of Motion by Graphical Method

Force and Laws of motion


First Law of Motion

Second law of motion

Third law of omtion

Examples and Summary


Introduction to Gravitation

Universal Law of Gravitation

Acceleration due to gravity, Mass & Weight

Thrust & Pressure

Buoyancy & Relative Density

Work and Energy

Work definition

Energy - Kinetic and Potential

Law of conservation energy


Sound - production and propagation

Characteristics of Sound

Reflection of Sound

Sound - applications, devices and human ear

Why do we fall ill?

Health and its failure

Disease and its causes

Infectious diseases

Natural resources

The Breath of Life - Air

Water - A Wonder Liquid

Mineral riches in the Soil

Biogeochemical Cycles

Ozone Layer

Improvement in Food Resources

Improvement in crop yields

Animal husbandry

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9th Science (State - Kar)