9th Mathematics (CBSE)

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Number Systems

Introduction to number systems

Irrational numbers

Real Numbers and their Decimal Expansions

Representing Real Numbers on the Number Line

Operations on Real Numbers

Laws of exponents for Real numbers


Introduction to Polynomials

Zeroes of Polynomial

Remainder Theorem

Factorization of Polynomials

Algebraic Identities

Coordinate Geometry

Introduction to Coordinate Geometry

Cartesian System


Linear equations with 2 variables

Introduction to linear equations

Solutions to Linear Equations

Graphs in linear equations

Euclid Geometry

Introduction to Euclid Geometry

Euclid’s Definitions, Axioms and Postulates

Equivalent Versions of Euclid’s Fifth Postulate

Lines and Angles

Introduction and Basic definitions

Pair of Angles

Parallel lines and Transversal

Lines parallel to same line

Angle sum property of triangle


Congruence of triangles

Criteria for Congruence Triangles

Some properties of a triangle

Some More Criteria for congruence of triangles

Inequalities in a triangle


Types of Quadrilaterals

Properties of Parallelograms & Condition for Quad

Parallelograms and Mid Point Theorem

Areas Of Parallelograms & Triangles

Figures on same base & between same parallels

Parallelograms - same base & between parallels

Triangles - same base and between same parallels


Introduction to Circles

Angles subtended by chord

Perpendicular from centre to a chord

Circle through Three Points

Equal chords and their distance from center

Angle subtended by an arc of a Circle

Cyclic quadrilaterals


Introduction and Basic Constructions

Some Constructions of Triangles

Heron's Formula

Introduction to Heron's Formula

Area of a Triangle by Heron’s Formula

Application of Heron’s Formula - Quadrillaterals

Surface Area and Volume

Surface Area of Cuboid and Cube

Surface Area of Right Circular Cylinder

Surface Area of Cone

Surface Area of Sphere

Volume of Cuboid and Cube

Volume of Cylinder

Volume of Cone

Volume of Sphere


Introduction and Collection of data

Presentation of data

Graphical representation of data

Measures of Central Tendency



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9th Mathematics (CBSE)